It all began in 2006 , when it was purchased first digital camera. It was a small, compact device purchased primarily for the sake of travel, entertainment and other common needs. However, our interest in photography constantly grew, and we decided to commit more seriously to our hobby. We bought two DSLR cameras and other equipment and connected all with our love for Montenegro After the sharing of images on various regional and global sites, making individual (today inactive) sites (www.e-photography.com, www.anitaphoto.me) we needed a more serious project. After several variants, in septembrer 2009. we founded photomontenegro.me. wich we started to redesign in the 2013 – not finished yet due to lack of time. The result is that today we have a site with one of the richest archive of photos of the Montenegrin landscape, cultural, historical and religious sites. One of the main goals of this site is to promote Montenegro and provide information about the places on our photographs, points of interest and activities related to Montenegro, its nature and tourism. In order to keep the attention of visitors and led them to re-visit the site, its content is continually updated with new photographs, information, interesting facts and current events. Of course, all well-intentioned suggestions and comments are welcome and will be considered and possibly adopt :) We hope that you will enjoy the photos, learn and see something new and get to know the natural beauty and cultural-historical heritage of Montenegro. Welcome.

Ivan Stojanović

Anita Stojanović


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