Bjelila the findings of the northern coast of the peninsula Lustica Bay of Boka – Montenegro, with a view to Tivat, Lastva, Herceg Novi Riviera, and mountain Lovcen. It is a small and quiet place without the usual crowds and bustle of the city. Here comes the sun a little earlier, and Length somewhat later than in the whole Bay of Kotor. Bjelila make twenty old – adapted stone houses that once were taverns or stores in which they are made and kept wine, equipment for boats, perform, agricultural tools, as in the valley around, from bleach to Krašići, found vineyards, gardens, orange, lemon. Specific micro climate – sea breeze “over the top, a big presence in a sea of fresh water from numerous sources (Small Frutak, Frutak Large, Small and Large Spila) and the river which flows into the bay around the Bjelilia make Bjelila pearl of this part of Tivat bay in which every man for himself exactly what he was missing. Today Bjelilia always live more than twenty families, and during the summer months the number of inhabitants is up and over three hundred.


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Bjelila 42.404936, 18.664697 Bjelila