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Tuesday November 17th, 2015

Did U Know ? (48)

Šavnik river during summer drought for a few hours dries and flows again.
Friday November 13th, 2015

Did U Know ? (47)

The fight for the freedom in WW2 started in the small town of Virpazar.
Wednesday November 11th, 2015

Did U Know ? (46)

The largest glacier in the Balkans was Plav’s glacier length of 35 pc and thickness up to 200m.
Monday November 9th, 2015

Did U Know ? (45)

Ostrog monastery is the meeting place of all three confessions: Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim, it is believed that the relics of St.Vasilijel of Ostrog is miraculous.
Thursday November 5th, 2015

Did U Know ? (44)

Podgorica, along with  Mostar was the warmest city in Yugoslavia.
Friday October 23rd, 2015

Did U Know ? (43)

Dajbabe monastery near Podgorica is buried in the earth in the form of the cross.
Wednesday October 21st, 2015

Did U Know (42) ?

Perch once a year travel from river Bojana to the Gulf of Mexico to spawn there.
Monday October 19th, 2015

Did U Know (41) ?

1979th The Coast was hit by a disastrous earthquake. Big part of the cultural heritage of the Montenegrin coast was destroyed.
Friday October 16th, 2015

Did U Know (40) ?

Montenegro was declared an ecological state 20th September 1991.
Wednesday October 14th, 2015

Did U Know (39) ?

In the waters of Meljevik were discovered the remains of a sunken ancient city of the third and fourth century.
Monday October 12th, 2015

Did U Know (38) ?

 In Šavnik,during summer Sun sets down twice a day thanks to a hill.
Tuesday September 29th, 2015

Did U Know (37) ?

Women’s beach in Ulcinj has a source of mineral composition, which by tradition has a beneficial effect on infertility.