Friday April 24th, 2015

Top 5 – Bridges

After already mentioned rivers , we now talk about bridges . Montenegro can be really proud of its bridges. Some of them are movie stars , […]
Monday March 23rd, 2015

Top 5 – Rivers

Wealth of wathers is another feature of Montenegro . Earlier we made a list of the top 5 canyons , but not every river has a […]
Monday March 2nd, 2015

Top 5 – Islands

Montenegro can’t brag neither in number nor the size of the islands, and this time we had the opportunity to make an easier choice. From around […]
Thursday February 12th, 2015

Top 5 – Bird habitats

Over 350 species of 526 European birds can be registered in Montenegro. Favorable climate, the diversity of ecosystems, and geographic location are responsible for much wealth […]
Thursday January 29th, 2015

Top 5 – Viewpoints of Boka

One in three of the most popular places in Montenegro deserved a special list – Boka Kotorska bay. These are places where you can observe her […]
Friday November 28th, 2014

Top 5 – Temples

After natural beauty, for a change, here is a list of 5 over 800 religious buildings in Montenegro. In Montenegro, in addition to paganism, it was […]
Friday November 21st, 2014

Top 5 – Skadar lake

Lake Skadar, the largest lake of the Balkans could not be left out on any top list. So this time we decided to dedicate ourselves to […]
Tuesday October 28th, 2014

Top 5 – Mountain Lakes

A list that we have long avoided because of the difficulty of choice, which is again inevitable. These are mountain lakes. From 50 mountain lakes, we […]
Thursday June 19th, 2014

Top 5 – Small beaches

The “Top 5” article on the great beaches in Montenegro logically follows that of the smaller beaches. These are locations less known to the masses, but […]
Monday November 18th, 2013

Top 5 – Mountains

As a dominantly mountainous country with peaks higher on average 2000 meters Montenegro has provided incredible opportunities for mountain lovers, whether you are a skier, hiker, […]
Friday October 25th, 2013

Top 5 – Fortresses

Montenegro has many fortresses, which are a legacy of the different periods of its history. Coastal area and the area of Skadar Lake are usually are places where we can find the most well preserved fortifications
Friday October 18th, 2013

Top 5 – Large beaches

Montenegrin coast is about 300 km, and has officially 117 beaches with a total length of 73 km. But what makes this a "short" shore special is the variety of beaches.