The Ćehotina (Serbian Cyrillic: Ћеxотина, pronounced [tɕɛ̌xɔtina]), also known as the Ćeotina, Ćotina or Čehotina, is a 125 kilometres (78 mi) long river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a right bank tributary of the Drina

The Ćehotina originates from the two streams in the Montenegrin region of Donji Kolašin, near the border with Serbia. It flows to the northwest, with many bends and curves, as it flows through the high, mountain region. The river almost has no settlements (except for the village of Vrulje), before it passes the eastern slopes of the Korijeni mountain and enters the Pljevaljska kotlina (Cyrillic: Пљеваљска котлина; Depression of Pljevlja). There, it flows through the Pljevlja coal basin and the city of Pljevlja itself, and continues to the region of Podgora, next to the villages of Radosavec, Židovići, Donja Brvenica and the small town of Gradac. The river flows between the region of Bukovica to the north and the northern tip of the Ljubišnja mountain and for the few kilometers forms the border between Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It continues next to the villages of Vikoč, Falovići, Godijeno and Brusina, before it empties into the Drina. The city of Foča is built at its confluence.

The Ćehotina flows for 100 km in Montenegro,[2] and 25 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It has no major tributaries, most important being the Voloder, which flows into the Ćehotina near Gradac.


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