Only a few kilometers from Podgorica towards the Albanian border, there is one of the most beautiful karst rivers – Cijevna.

On its way from Prokletije towards its estuary into the bigger sister Morača, first it passes through a spectacular canyon, and then it makes its way meandering through Ćemovsko polje. Cijevna will attract all nature lovers as strongly as the wild fig and pomegranate trees stick to the canyon’s bluffs.

In its lower course it forms its riverbed in the conglomerate of Ćemovsko polje, which was named after the river (Cem – the Albanian name of the river Cijevna). The name Cijevna (“cijev” means pipe) comes from the fact that in the lower course the coast reminds of a pipe at places – the water is flowing through a 15 m deep gorge which is only a meter wide.

Cijevna with its beauty has united the qualities of many Montenegrin rivers – a fascinating canyon, cliffs, rocky islands formed by whitewater, carrying sand and pebble. It also has something northern rivers lack – the spirit of the Mediterranean, thanks to which pomegranate, figs and wine grow on the steep slopes of its canyons.



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Cijevna 42.398108, 19.378338 Cijevna