Danilovgrad (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Даниловград) is a town in central Montenegro. It has a population of 5,208 (2003 census). It is situated in a municipality by the same name.

The town of Danilovgrad is located in the fertile valley of the Zeta River, sometimes called also the Bjelopavlići plain, after the name of the local clan. It is a centre of the municipality, which has a population of 16,523.

Danilovgrad was founded with the purpose of being the capital of Montenegro. Foundations for this planned city were first laid by King Nikola I in 1870. However, after the liberation of Nikšić and Podgorica its significance diminished. It got its name after Nicholas’ predecessor Prince Danilo.

Main tourist attraction within Danilovgrad municipality is Ostrog Monastery, famous orthodox pilgrimage site visited by believers from afar. It is located on an almost vertical cliff overseeing Bjelopavlići plain, approximately 15 km (9.3 mi) from Danilovgrad in the direction of Nikšić.

Other notable points of interest are Ždrebaonik Monastery and well of Glava Zete.



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Danilovgrad 42.544987, 19.103851 Danilovgrad