Hajla (Albanian: Hajlë or Hajla; Montenegrin Cyrillic: Хајла) is a mountain located between the borders of Kosovo and Montenegro. It has several peaks that reach over 2,000 m (6,562 ft), the highest having 2,403 m (7,884 ft) which is also called Hajla. The northern slopes contains the spring formation of the Ibar river, and to its southern slopes is the origin of the Bistrica e Pejës (or the Pećka Bistrica) river. Hajla is also the highest mountain in the northern part of the Accursed Mountains of the Balkans. In Kosovo, Hajla forms part of the 25 km (16 mi) long Rugova Canyon. The nearest city to Hajla is Rožaje, in Montenegro.



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Hajla 42.761379, 20.131653 Hajla