Ivanova Korita – on the 12th kilometer on the road from Cetinje to Lovcen there is a place called Ivan’s riverbeds, whose name is connected to the founder of Cetinje Ivan Crnojevic, in history better known as Ivan – beg. More specifically, the name is related to the way of a stream; the waters that come out from Trestenik, are collected into one stone reservoir, which is then over flown into the through made of, by the legend, beech logs, which were built by Ivan – beg Crnojevic. Ivan’s riverbeds are surely, the most popular tourist vacation area, which during the summer is extremely well visited almost every day, and during the other periods of the year, always when the conditions allow that, or when the slopes of the vacation area are covered with snow. Ivan’s riverbeds are a part of the National park Lovcen and they represent one of its most beautiful parts. They are situated on the east side of the Jezerski peak, in one meadow plateau surrounded by forest. There is also a famous rest home for children, which is opened even in the winter months. Above the rest home there is a skiing path, on which in the winter period a ski lift is being set. The lodgment has the ambulance for giving health services; it has a restaurant and a mountain cottage.

Numerous visitors from year to year, testify that Ivan’s riverbeds – a place which is very quiet and unusually relaxing, not only during the summer months, when the guests enjoy in the exquisite shadows and the famous well water, but also in the winter – on the snow, when on the slopes of Ivan’s riverbeds, everything is filled with children of pre school or school age, that want to ski, and sleigh ride, are a very interesting and amusing destination.

The area that is enclosed by the Ivan’s riverbeds is covered with rich forest, which especially attracts various researchers: geographers, zoologists, archeologists, and especially botanists. In the recent years more and more often on the space of Ivan’s riverbeds, good connoisseurs of herbs also stay, and they often pick healing and aromatic herbs like: Klamath weed, thyme, vermouth, heath, primrose… The vacation area Ivan’s riverbeds are loved by both adults and children, because the space under green forests is so attractive, that the excursions with tourists or individual visitors stay there for several hours. With the rest from the drive towards Lovcen or from Lovcen, the passengers usually stop in the restaurant or in the resting home on Ivan’s riverbeds to dine and have suitable refreshment.

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Ivanova Korita

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Ivanova Korita 42.381079, 18.832154 Ivanova Korita