Nevidio – “Unseen” – the last conquered canyon in Europe

Among the grayness of the Montenegrin karsts, where thousands of years ago the steep slopes of Durmitor and Vojnik clashed during big geological movements, carved into the hard rock, lies the Komarnica canyon, the last conquered canyon in Europe.

In 1965, Montenegrin mountaineers finally explored this canyon with considerable effort. Its symbolic name Nevidio (“Unseen”) or Nevidbog (“Unseen by God”) as it is also called, reminds us of the secret of the canyon, which was hidden from human eyes for a long time.

Some hundred meters before the entrance into the canyon, there is a big waterfall, Grabovine. Vertical cliffs, waterfalls, gorges, foaming cascades, narrow channels and the real gallery of the stone figures – are the main actors in the story about Nevidio.



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Komarnica 42.989244, 19.068393 Komarnica