Komovi Mountain is located in eastern Montenegro, between the river Lim, Tara and Drčka and surrounded by mountains Prokletije, Planinica and Bjelasica. Flora is a very rich and diverse thanks to which this mountain range is included in the potential of IPA (IPA – Important Aeras plant) regions of Montenegro. The river valleys are expressed as plant cultures (vegetables, fruits, grains, tobacco), and the middle part of the mountain is covered with forests of beech, fir, whitebark pine and spruce. Meadows and pastures are spread on the mountainous areas Štavna, Ljuban, Rogam, Carine and varda.

In it stand three tall, powerful, top of the building complex Komovi:

Kučki Kom (2487 m);

Ljevorečki Kom (2453 m);

Vasojevićki Kom (2460 m).

Between Kučki and Vasojevićki Kom is Međukomlje, spacious valley, which is located in the glacier.


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Komovi 42.680416, 19.637289 Komovi