Krašići are one of the settlement places Krtoli on the northern coast of the peninsula Lustica Bay Bay of Kotor – Montenegro. Is located almost in the middle of the road Tivat – Krtoli – Rose – Žanjic, 15 km from one and other, opposite of Tivat airport. Nearist biger place is Radovići (2km), Tivat and Kotor are 10 km from there, and Budva 24 km.

It was once a small and quiet village in the hill slopes Obosnika, about 2 km from the sea. On the coast, below Krašići, was a small fishing village Francišković in which, over time, settled inhabitants from Krašići. Middle of last century Krašići remained without a single population, and residents started calling Francišković Krašići and Krasic – Upper Krašići. Today, in the upper Krasici only active cemetery in the church of Sv. Nikola and Church Martyrs, on the coast Krašići, for worship. Today Krašići can be divided into: Old Krašić which is located about 30 adapted old stone houses along the shore, which are separate ambient and 30 newly built houses over the road and New Krasic who built late last century. It is a typical resort with over 200 residential buildings, 100 houses, with restaurants and beaches justified. In Krasici permanent population of about 151 inhabitants, and during the summer the number of inhabitants increase over 3000th.


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Krašići 42.410322, 18.645026 Krašići