Kučka Krajina Mountains (Žijovo) in fact belong to Prokletija as a whole. These are high mountains, with even 15 peaks higher than 2000 m. The most famous are Surdup, Štitan, Pasjak, Maglič, Vila, Krisitor, Žijevo, Šila, Treskavac … This is a complex souranded by Cijevna River, the border with Albania, Zeta plain, Morača and Mala Rijeka River and Veruša, Bukumir and Rikavačko lake.  Slopes of these mountains are covered with shrubs, coniferous and deciduous forests. Glatiation left for the witnesses lakes already mentioned,valleys and sharp peaks. Mainly karstic composition. They are very suitable for grazing and they provide numerous Katuns many of which are even today active.

Kučke planine

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Kučke planine 42.604942, 19.556437 Kučke planine (Žijovo)