Maganik is 20 km long and 10 km wide mountain range placed in the middle part of Montenegro, precissely between the rivers of Zeta, Moraca and Mrtvica. The massif of Maganik stretches in east-west/northwest direction. That beautiful and impressive range with its unique outlook is separated from Moracke Planine on the north and from Prekornica mountain on the south. Maganik is known as a little beat unapproachable mountain range. Its rocks are on some places very dangerous and sharp like a knife. Maganik is surrounded by many katuns (lodges) where people living on the mountain only during summer. Known katuns are Rekocica, Maganik, Poljana, Vragodo, Ogradjenik, Zabrdje, Razbijena Jela, Magline, Stanjevica Rupa, Besovica Katun and others.

Maganik is an aloof group of impressive limestone formations. The geological composition of Maganik is made of cretaceous bank limestone. The base of this mountain range from the Niksic side and the Moraca River valley is made up of Tiassic limestone. The canyon slopes of the river Mrtvica are formed by Triassic, Jurassic and cretaceous limestone, which created a rich vertical jaggedness to the Maganik mass that appears frightening to the mountaineer. Its relief is enriched with deep karst hollows, valleys and funnel-shaped depressions.

The highest peaks of Maganik range are:

Medjedji Vrh (2139 m)

Petrov Vrh (2124 m)

Babin Zub (2119 m)

Zuta Greda (2104 m)

Rogodjed (2037 m)

Kokotov Vrh (2001 m)

Cakmakov Vrh (1974 m)

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