The monastery Podlastva is situated on raised grounds in the north east of Budva municipality. According to a legend it is thought that Serbian emperor Dusan founded this monastery in 1350. First written document about this monastery dates from 1427. Archeological records testify that in late antique period here existed a cult place. This monastery has a church dedicated to Rodjenje Presvete Bogorodice (Birth of the Holy Mother of God) in which during the numerous researches a four-leafed baptizing fountain was found, a part of the mosaic as well as a fragment of a floor tile, which belonged to a basilica from V and VI century. According to the appearance of the edifice it can be conjectured that the edifice dates from the Middle Century. This church was later additionally built on the west side. Nearby the monastery there are sleeping quarters, which have been built, in simple style.Monastery was often a target of the conquerors and it suffered the last damage in the earthquake in 1979.


Manastir Podlastva

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Manastir Podlastva 42.306848, 18.808186 Manastir Podlastva