Savina is one of the most beautiful Orthodox monasteries in the Boka Kotorska Bay. It is two kilometres eastward of the medieval town of Herceg Novi. The monastic complex consists of two churches on the central, fenced in, plateau (both dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God), a monk’s residence which houses a treasury and a secluded little church of St. Sava. The smaller Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God is more important because of the frescoes with the scenes from the Festival Cycle and the Life of Jesus. The frescoes belong to the earliest painting-work of the Kotor artist Lavro Dobricevic. They represent the combination of Byzantine iconography and the Gothic manner of artistic expression. The construction of the larger monastic church took place between 1777 and 1799. Nikola Foretic of Korcula was the master mason. The church bell tower adjoined to the west facade has been carried out with particular imagination. It has an open porch at the ground floor, in front of the portal, and an overall baroque silhouette produced by a lively profile, horizontal cornices, oculi, a sizeable wheel-window and an open top floor with balustrade railings. The treasury of Savina is of exquisite historical and artistic value. Valuable icons (Russian, Greek and Italo-Cretan), plated Gospel-book covers, charters, manuscripts, early printed books and other rarities are kept there.


Manastir Savina

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Manastir Savina 42.452373, 18.554492 Manastir Savina