Costume has always been an important segment in the life of Montenegrins. Of which material the costume was made and in which style it was made told a lot about a person. The roots of our cultural inheritance go way back in the past. Montenegro for centuries has been the target of numerous conquerors and all those various influences merged here, which were more or less accepted by people in Montenegro, and which in the same way were adapted to the Montenegrin understandings and way of living. As a result of that came numerous artistic goods and characteristic traits for our people and our culture. Beside those culturally historical facts geographic conditions had an extremely strong influence on the choice of the fabrics of which the costume will be made.

Montenegro is a country of exquisite nature, but also of very diverse nature, from the accessible coast to the extremely isolated north. Certain villages even today in Montenegro are not easy to come to and the contact with the “civilization” is very rare, and in the past of Montenegro that was very often the case with majority of villages. Because of those reasons people had to cut their own dresses at home and they had to make it from the material which was accessible to them. The materials which were used most often were: wool, goat’s hair, hemp, flax, Spanish broom, and in smaller amounts they produced and used silk.