These mountains provide the central part of Montenegro, to the east-northwest direction. It borders include the Tara River canyon near Kolasin and peaks Vučje, , Crni Vrh, Stožac. Some geographers ascibe them to Sinjajevine Mountain. When I already started awkwardly to “steal” information from the detailed guide by Mr. Vincek and friends, I’ll be precise and I’ll “overwrite” precise information that the complex Morača mountains are surrounded from the west  ridge and plateau Lola, southwest of the mountain pasture plateau Lukavice with two  Žurims (Small and Large) and wide Moraca river canyon springs in the north and northeast. There are many high peaks Žurim,  Kapa Moračka, Zagradac, Stožac and Maganik with Međedim peak.  Lola and Tali belongs them also. But that’s not all because there are many peaks over 2000 m above sea level and of course special offer, two glacial pearls, Captain and Manito (aka Brnjičko) lake. What I particularly overwhelmed in contact with a part of these mountains are steep, streams, large number of species of colorful flowers and other plants, on the other hand as a contrast to them the remains of snow, rock creep, brutal and artistic karst stone sculptures which are the naturećs mastepieces. In the mountains there is a greater number of Katuns, but unfortunately the illegal constructions too. Except for trekking they are suitable  for cycling, mountaineering, free climbing, and the Captain’s  lake is a great place for fishing.


Moračke planine

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Moračke planine 42.814709, 19.231860 Moračke planine