Njeguši (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Његуши) is a village in southern Montenegro, within Cetinje municipality. It is located on the slopes of Mount Lovćen, within Lovćen national park.This village is best known as birth place of Montenegro’s royal dynasty of Petrović, which ruled Montenegro from 1696 to 1918.,as well as everyday office supreme temporal power in Montenegro, Gubernadur, from one of the oldest families in Njeguši-Radonjic, which ruled from Montenegro , first to the Supreme serdar Stano of the 1520th and even earlier (the days of the family Crnojevic), as of a later gubernadurs of the 1756th year, to 1832. year.

Village is also significant for its well-preserved traditional folk architecture.

Njeguški sir and Njeguški pršut (local forms of cheese and prosciutto, respectively), made solely in area around Njeguši, are genuine contributions to Montenegrin cuisine.

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