Oblun is a fortress in Montenegro that is located next to the eastern shore of Malo blato . The fortress has a dominant position with the ability to control a large part of the Skadar lake basin and Ćemovsko polje.

The fortress lies on the remains of the acropolis of an Illyrian-Greek city. The preserved remains of the fortifications can be assumed to originate from the ancient, late Roman or Byzantine period, based on their fairly regular rectangular shape, although the configuration of the terrain is not such that such a shape could be expected. The length of the only whole preserved side towards the northeast is about 70 meters. The north-west and south-east walls are partially preserved, and there are no traces of the south-west wall, it probably did not even exist but was replaced by vertical rocks. Almost in the center of the fortification, on a special naturally raised rocky plateau, there are the remains of a single-nave church. It is also interesting to note that no remains of the towers were found.


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Oblun 42.346275, 19.147161 Oblun