Plav is located at the feet of the Prokletije mountain range (part of national park with same name), adjacent to the springs of the river Lim. It is considered to have derived its name from the Roman Emperor Flavius during Roman rule.

Plav is surrounded by beautiful and wildly varying mountainous scenery. The area abounds in lakes and the most known is Lake Plav, one of the largest and most beautiful in this region. The lakes Hrid and Visitor are mountain lakes, and Visitor is noted for its floating island.

Plav is also renowned for its karsts wells, among which are Ali-paša Springs and Oko Skakavica. Old library, Old mosque, Holy Trinity Church at Brezojevići, and the Tower of the Redžepagići are only a part of the cultural heritage of this town. Villages in the municipality include Gusinje, Akani and Vuthaj.



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Plav 42.595556, 19.945000 Plav