Pošćensko Big Lake is located near the village of Pošćenje (Šavnik municipality) at the foot of Durmitor, the transition to a plateau. It is one of the smaller lakes. Dimension is 210mx150mx3, 5m. Once there was a lot bigger, but the swamp vegetation contributed to its reducing. The green lake receives water bz snow dissolving, rain and three smaller sources. Summer is perfect for swimming and fishing, and in winter is frozen. This lake could have a significant role in the development of rural tourism in this region. Another advantage is the proximity of Zabljak (8km).

Malo (Small) Pošćensko lake is located near the village of Pošćenje on only some hundred meters from the Veliko Pošćensko lake. It is actualy a large puddle  It is used mainly for livestock and power is located in one meadow below the village. Receives water from rain and snow, and was lost by evaporation. It is surrounded by meadows and low woods. It is very affordable and with their environment conducive to relaxation and rural tourism.

Veliko Poščensko jezero

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Veliko Poščensko jezero 42.982423, 19.067287 Veliko Pošćensko jezero