When you step on Prokletije the doors of an astonishing ecological treasury will immediately open in front of you. If you want to get rid or consumer mania and you have enough adventure some spirit for a close encounter – Prokletije mountains are what you have been dreaming of.Montenegrin Prokletije is just a small part of this special mountain range between Dinaridi and Sarskih planina (Sars mountains) located in Albania. The mountain range, 70km long, rises gradually toward the southwest and northeast from the Zetsko – Skadarska valley ending up with the highest peaks of Bogicevica and Cakor and Rugova passes, where the highest crests – This powerful high mountain range continues geographyc toward the north with Nedzinata (2341m), Cakor (2046m), Mokre planine (1932m), Hajle (2403) and Mokra Gora (2154m).

Highest mountain peak of Montenegro is on Prokletije (Zla Kolata – 2.536 m).

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Prokletije 42.539928, 19.911346 Prokletije