Stretching in NW-SE direction, Mt Rumija with its highest peak Rumija (1594 m) is the southest mountain of Montenegro. As a Dinaric natural barrier, Rumija separate Adriatic Sea from the Skadarsko Jezero lake. With the height of 1594 m, it drops steep towards the Adriatic coastline and somewhat less steeply towards the southern part of the lake. Rumija is very special and unique mountain with one leg in the Adriatic Sea and the other leg in Skadar Lake.

The elevation difference with more than 1500 m is one of the largest elevation difference in Montenegro, while the path from the Bar town to the summit is one of the most attractive mountain path in that contry. The ridge of the Rumija mountain is more than 10 km long and include Sutorman with its highest peak Široka Strana (1185 m) and Vrsuta (1183 m). Between the Bijela Skala pass and Rumija main summit is placed rocky ridge of Čagoglina (1297 m), while on SE are connected by ridge the peaks of Brisan (1435 m), Kozjak (1427 m) and Debelin (1205 m). On the south from the main summit and Veliki Mikulići is wide and roundly mountain Lisinja with its highest peak Loška (1353 m) which is nicely visible from the Bar town as a first visible peak. On the southern side of the mountain are placed few water springs and that are the three small rivers Železnica, Bunar and Međurječ.

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Rumija 42.103056, 19.187778 Rumija