Šasko Lake is located in  Ulcinj  field and it’s the second largest in Montenegro. Dimensions are: length 3200m, width 1500, these figures ofcourse vary, and its surface ranges from 3.6 km2 to 5.3 km2.Hight is one meter above sea level and is characterized by cryptodepression like the near Skadarsko lake.  It receives water from the Međuriječka river, several sources and Bojana riber when its water level is high.  It is surrounded by the  swamp, and the water reaches a temperature near 30 C in summer. The lake is rich  in fish (23 species), and is one of the most important bird habitats in Europe. Still is poorly used for tourist purposes, but expect better days.

Šasko jezerp

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Šasko jezerp 41.972560, 19.333709 Šasko jezero