On the Tara – Piva (rivers) vast plateau Durmitor (2523 m) is placed on the northwest, while it’s closest neighbour is placed on the southeast. That’s the beautiful Sinjajevina mountain, one of most specific mountains of Montenegro. The older name for this mountain is also Sinjavina.

Geographically, this mountain belongs to the High Mountains & Plateaus Region of Montenegro. Some geographers classify Mt Sinjajevina a mountain plateau, but it also holds the largest pasture range in Montenegro. The direction of Sinjajevina follows the rest of the Dinaric ranges, from east to west.Geologicaly, it’s composition is cretaceous limestone. From a morphological standpoint, this high mountain plain avarages 1600 m in height, with only these peaks of higher elevation: Babji Zub (2277 m), Jablanov Vrh (2203 m), Gradiste (2174 m), Savina greda (2101 m), Veliki Pecarac (2042 m), Starac (2022 m) and Babin Vrh (2013 m).Mt Sinjajevina’s relief is rolling due to glacial activity. The complexity of this mountain is due to it’s bordering rivers of Tara, Moraca, Tusinja & Bukovica. It stretches from SE to NW, from the towns of Kolasin to Njegovudje (near the Durmitor National Park). The Sinjajevina massif is 40 km long & 15 km wide, and is specific about it’s carstic fields and beautiful grassy slopes. The soil composition is arid terrain due to the lack of forest covering and exposure, which has caused it’s rather unique foliage.Mt Sinjajevina is also the home of 2 lakes: Zabojsko Jezero (1486 m, 19 m deep) ,Zminicko Jezero (1295 m, 4 m deep).

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