Slano (Salt) lake belongs to a group of three artificial lakes built in the Nikšić field for the needs of  hydroelectric power Perućica (Krupac and Vrtac are the other two). Although all of them are  separate units, they are connected with channels for successively discharge.  Area is about 9 km2, while the 4.5 km long. Water from the lake flows through a pipeline through a tunnel in Stubica. The terrain on which they were built was permeable so it had to be strengthened by large quantities of liquid cement. Slano lake has islands of which is the largest Viža, which is covered by forest. This lake receives water from several sources. It is very accessible and used by many fishermen, hunters and tourists.

Slano jezero

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Slano jezero 42.752424, 18.858119 Slano jezero