The Old Town of Bar is situated at the foot of Mount Rumija, on a steep cliff inaccessible from three sides. It seems that inaccessibility and a spring of drinking water were the reasons why Old Bar was, unlike other town on the coast, built at a distance of 5km from the coast.

This town, whose inhabitants earned their living from craftwork, trade and olive processing was built through the centuries. The oldest, medieval parts of the town are on a protruding ridge, where the town gate from the 9th-11th centuries with façades from the 14th century built during Byzantine rule can be found. In the 15th century the Venetians took over rule of the town, and a century later the Turks came and stayed there until the late 19th century.

Facilities inside the walls were built with dressed stone. Among the public buildings there were palaces, Turkish baths, mills and clock towers. The following religious buildings can be found there:

– The Church of St. Teodor from the 9th century that was later named the Church of St. Djordje

– The Church of St. Marko from the 13th century

– The Church of St. Veneranda from the 14th century


Stari Bar

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