Tunjevo is a picturesque place in Bjelopavlici plain, near the River Zeta, one of the favorite resorts of the citizens of the main and surrounding towns. It belongs to Danilovgrad municipality (6km rom Danilovgrad). Because of its location is ideal for hikers, scouts, and all nature lovers and holiday outside of the city noise. Grassy area beside the river is perfect for setting up the grill and tent for those who want to spend the night in nature. Therefore, it is the most common destination for young scouts, usually primary school pupils who know how to spend here all week and explore the rich flora and fauna of this area. There are also sources of drinking water, and rustic wooden bridge which gives a special charm to this place. In the summer months beach along the river is reserved for  swimmers.


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Tunjevo 42.582356, 19.067931 Tunjevo