Fortress Tower Arza is situated east of the Mamula island, at the very end peninsula Lustica, Arza was Austro buildings, the ground around it is quite inaccessible and the fortress itself is rather poor condition. For all visitors Peninsula Lustica it represents a special attraction, but also a challenge because it is not always easy to climb its ruined, circular stairs. When you reach its peak on you’ll forget little effort you must invest to climb. You’ll see all the surrounding islands, rocks and beaches, but with a view over the horizon to infinity. Through the open windows of the old military fort built on the long place where the sea merges with the mainland,  you”ll feel winds from the see and winds from the mountains. Arza is not an ordinary military fortress from ancient times, it was meeting place of many adventurers who enjoy the tranquility and spiritual fulfillment, which provides stunning views of the sea.


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Arza 42.392252, 18.573635 Arza