Vir u Lokvicama officially belongs to the 18 Lakes of National Park Durmitor although its size and character of the seasonal pool. Located in the valley Lokvice on 1693 meters above sea level surrounded by peaks Bandijerna, Terzin Bogaz, Međed and Čvorov Bogaz, unavoidable on the road to Ice cave and Bobotov Kuk summit. It is circular with green water and a diameter of 80 m, with average depth of 1 m. The deepest part is just over 3 m in early summer after snowmelt, while in late summer dries up all except vortex diameter of 10m.

Vir u Lokvicama

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Vir u Lokvicama 43.131934, 19.059863 Vir u Lokvicama
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