That religious building was built as a church of the Birth of the Holy mother of Good in the middle of the XV century. Today’s form and the name Vlasch church it got in the 1864. Archeological diggings have shown that under the today’s church there are remains of the older church of smaller dimensions, which as it is presumed, was ruined and on its place a new one was built, of bigger dimensions. After several alterations in 1864. it got today’s look.

In the church on can see an iconostasis in the rich wood carving which was made by Vasilije Djinovski in 1878. The church yard is enclosed with the unique fence made out of pipes of the rifles that were confiscated in the wars against the Turks 1858., 1876 – 1878. From both sides of the entrance there are middle aged tombstone – “stećak” (type of an old Bosnian and Montenegrin tombstone) that is decorated with relief notions that stem from the end of the XIV and the beginning of the XV century.


Vlaška crkva

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Vlaška crkva 42.390882, 18.924379 Vlaška crkva