Tuesday January 19th, 2010


Svac – The Old Town of Sas. This medieval town near Ulcinj is situated on a plateau above Lake Sas and falls into the most appealing […]
Monday January 18th, 2010


Lake Krupac is the most beautiful excursion site in Niksic, particularly during the summer months. It has warm and clean lake water, shade from poplar trees, […]
Saturday January 16th, 2010


Przno beach is located in front of the vivid, typical sea shore settlement, which gives the beach a special charm. It stretches for 350 m between […]
Saturday January 16th, 2010

Komarnica (Nevidio)

Nevidio – “Unseen” – the last conquered canyon in Europe Among the grayness of the Montenegrin karsts, where thousands of years ago the steep slopes of […]
Thursday January 14th, 2010


Buljarica field and the slopes of Dubovica hill are very convenient for the development of tourism. Buljarica cove stretches from “Resovo brdo” cove to Dubovica, and […]
Wednesday January 13th, 2010

Crkva Svetog Nikole

Ulcinj is one of the oldest coastal cities with many historical and cultural monuments, fortresses, churches and mosques. Many buildings suffered purpose changing  depending on who […]
Wednesday January 13th, 2010

Pošćensko jezero

Poscensko Jezero is one of the lakes on Jezerska Povrs (Plateau of Lakes). It is closest to the edge of Durmitor. Poscensko Jezero (1487 m, 3.6 […]
Tuesday January 12th, 2010


Garac is among the central mountains of Montenegro. It is located northwest of Podgorica, giving the northwest-southeast direction. Rises above the river  Susica and Bjelopavlići plain. […]
Monday January 11th, 2010


Lesendro is an island-fortress in the Skadar Lake in Montenegro. It is located near Vranjina. The fortress was built in the 18th century. Former island is […]
Sunday January 10th, 2010

Alipašini izvori

Gusinje is a town in the municipality of Plav. It is located under Prokletije and Visitor, on the border with Albania, on the part of the […]
Saturday January 9th, 2010


Perast (Cyrillic script: Пераст) is an old town in Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor), Montenegro. It is situated a few km northwest of Kotor. Perast lies […]
Friday January 8th, 2010


FORTRESS GRMOŽUR is located on the island in the northwestern part of Lake Skadar. Built by the Turks 1843rd , and the liberation wars of 1846-1848. […]