Friday July 2nd, 2010

Plaža Marina

Marina Beach is located on the corner of Tivat airport.
Thursday July 1st, 2010

Plavske džamije

Plav’s Mosques are:  Sultania Mosque, The Old (Stara) Mosque, Redzepagic Mosque and Ferovic Mosque
Thursday July 1st, 2010


Đuraševići is a former fishing village, and now mainly a tourist destination, located on the territory of Krtole in Tivat bay, near the Island of Flowers […]
Thursday July 1st, 2010

Gospa od Zdravlja

Our Lady of Health Church (Kotor) dates back from the 15th century. It was built half way up St. John’s Hill.
Thursday July 1st, 2010


Lipci, little town near Risan, Boka Kotorska bay.
Wednesday June 30th, 2010

Sultan Murat II džamija

Sutan Murat II Mosque also known as the Kurtagića mosque is the biggest mosque in Rožaje and the biggest mosque in Montenegro. It was built in […]
Wednesday June 30th, 2010

Hram Hristovog Roždestva

Temple of Christ’s Nativity is located in Mojkovac. It is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ and the fallen heroes of the Mojkovac battle  (1916.)
Tuesday June 29th, 2010

Krajinski arhipelag

Krajina archipelago is a serie of about fifty islands and cliffs along the southwest coast of Skadar Lake. A number of interesting islands are not only […]
Monday June 28th, 2010

Crkva Svete Klare

This church with Franciscan monastery derives from the eighteenth century. The church has a luxurious Baroque altar, the work of the sculptor Francesco Kabjanka. On the […]
Monday June 28th, 2010


Kruce is a weekend resort located between Bar and Ulcinj in the Kruče bay. The water here is very clean.There are two beaches, one concrete and […]
Monday June 28th, 2010


Radovići village is located near Tivat, on the slopes of Lustica.
Sunday June 27th, 2010


Tivat is a coastal town in southwest Montenegro, located in the Bay of Kotor. It has a population of 9,467 (2003 census).Tivat is the centre of […]