Church of St. Anthony is located in the center of Tuzi. The construction of the church with short and long interruptions, lasted from 1930 to 1999. It was built according to the model of Zagreb`s Cathedral, but with the much more modest architectural and artistic value of the Romanesque style.

The church is a three-aisle basilica with prolonged and higher secondary aisles. On the sides of the main facade rectangular tower rise with a series of semi-circular elongated holes on all sides and on each floor. In the altar area there are stained-glass windows that were made by painter Josip Botteri from Split in 1986.

In front of the church is a large garden with stone benches and a fountain arranged in a semicircle.A sculpture of Mother Teresa was built in the yard in 1997.

Crkva Sv. Antuna

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Crkva Sv. Antuna 42.364680, 19.329200 Crkva Sv.Antuna
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