It is situated at 1,678 metres above sea level. It is of glacial origin, 480 metres long and 330 metres wide and the maximum depth is 37 metres. The clear, green waters of the lake and the reflection of the limestone rocks captivate its visitors and is increasingly becoming a favourite camping site of mountaineers and fishermen. It can be reached from Nikšić through the Zagrad, Luka Bojovića, Bara Bojovića and Nikšinog Kiljana Mines. By car it takes one hour fifteen minutes. The road is paved until Luka Bojovića, from where there is a gravel track to the lake. Normal cars can reach the lake with a careful drive. The other road to the lake, from Velje Duboko is intended only for the most powerful 4-wheel drive vehicles.



Kapetanovo jezero

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Kapetanovo jezero 42.814709, 19.231860 Kapetanovo jezero