Saturday February 20th, 2010


A small, peaceful place in Boka Kotorska bay famous for its interference of mountain and sea winds mixed with 548 types of herbs that are suitable […]
Friday February 19th, 2010


Plužine (Montenegrinn Cyrillic: Плужине) is a town in northwesten Montenegro. It has a population of 1,494 (2003 census). Plužine is the centre of Plužine municipality (population […]
Thursday February 18th, 2010

Hram Sv. Vasilija Ostroškog

The temple of the Holy. Basil of Ostrog, was built in the nineteenth century. It was made by the Russian architect Mihailo Mihailovic Preobraženski. This monument […]
Wednesday February 17th, 2010


Bijela (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Бијела; Italian La Bianca, San Pietro de Albis) is a coastal town within the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Montenegro. It is located north […]
Monday February 15th, 2010


Risan belongs to the oldest Illyric settlements on the Montenegrin coast. Legend has it that queen, fleeing from the Roman invasion, was hiding here in 228 […]
Monday February 15th, 2010


Dobrota (Montenegrin: Dobrota/Доброта) is a town in the Kotor Municipality in coastal Montenegro. Although administratively a separate town, it is de facto part of Kotor, and […]
Friday February 12th, 2010

Crkva Svetog Ivana

One of the most famous churches in Budva is the Catholic church of St. John , the seat of the diocese until 1828. It is not […]
Thursday February 11th, 2010


Ljuta is located 7 km away from Kotor, and is located in the heart of the Bay of Kotor, on the northern side of the municipality […]
Wednesday February 10th, 2010


The Tara (Montenegrin: Ријека Тара / Rijeka Tara; Tr. Riyeka Tara) is a river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It emerges from the confluence of […]
Tuesday February 9th, 2010


On the Tara – Piva (rivers) vast plateau Durmitor (2523 m) is placed on the northwest, while it’s closest neighbour is placed on the southeast. That’s […]
Saturday February 6th, 2010

Crkva Sv. Luke

The Church of St. Luke is located in the Piazza Greca in Kotor. Its history witnesses of the harmonic coexistence of the Catholic and Orthodox population. […]
Saturday February 6th, 2010

Drobni Pijesak

The terrain towards the south, towards Petrovac, is such that it caused the formation a few small beaches. They are accessible only from the sea. The […]